IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Eastra Solutions can help you build the infrastructure that achieves your business goals. We address four interconnected areas:

Network Solutions

The convergence of voice, video, and data networks has become a major concern for IT organizations, as you strive to maintain peak performance and ensure that effective performance and capacity planning practices are in place. Our team will work closely with you to improve operational efficiency, maximizing speed and finding new ways to make your network work harder.

Our Network services include:

Application Acceleration

IP Communications

Network Architecture

Network Performance


Mobility – Wireless

Server Solutions

Eastra’s holistic approach to server solutions is closely tied to our data center design, relocation and optimization services, and to our network, storage, security, and business continuity / disaster recovery solutions.

Eastra’s server solutions help you increase the power, performance, and availability of your information systems. And, we guide you through the array of products in the marketplace to design the best solution for the needs of your business.

Our Virtualization Solutions and services help you plan and build out a virtualized server infrastructure.

Our Virtualization Assessment provides indispensable information necessary to prepare your data center, your infrastructure, and your organization for the impact of server virtualization.

Our Server Optimization & Consolidation services are designed to quickly identify opportunities to increase server performance and capacity utilization and reduce operating costs. We develop and execute a comprehensive upgrade and migration plan using established parameters, well-defined methodologies and industry best practices.

Our Highly Available Architecture services help to ensure that your mission-critical information systems are available when needed.

Storage Infrastructure

Realizing the best value from your storage investment requires integrating multiple, and possibly heterogeneous, storage tiers with backup, data replication, disaster recovery, security, and archival practices all with information life-cycle management (ILM) policies in mind. Adding to the challenge, you need to increase availability and performance, ensure data protection, and meet compliance requirements for all of your information classes. Eastra’s goal is to design a storage infrastructure that best meets your company’s unique information requirements, joining business drivers and objectives with the strategic and tactical issues challenging you today and in the future.

Our services include:

Storage Management

Data Protection & Assurance o Storage Architecture

Network Storage

Tiered Storage & Archival

Disaster Recovery Replication

Backup & Recovery

Data Encryption

Vendor Management

Our information management framework provides a road map to build storage infrastructures that best suit your specific goals and objectives. It aligns all of your strategic goals, tactical drivers, and issues within the storage infrastructure, including information and ePolicy, information life cycle management, storage resource management, data retention, archival and replication, and operational backup and recovery to create the right infrastructure for your storage needs.


Get rid of Desktop Clutter and Improve Productivity with Efficient VDI Solutions.

To stand out from their many competitors, businesses these days need to streamline their operations as much as possible. Eastra Solutions Ltd can help you bring the agility and availability of cutting-edge cloud computing to your desktop and application management with Virtualised Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

VDI refers to the process of running desktop operating systems (such as Windows) from inside a virtual machine located on a server in a centralised datacentre.

VDI refers to the process of running desktop operating systems (such as Windows) from inside a virtual machine located on a server in a centralised datacentre.

VDI solutions are a powerful form of computing delivery because it enables fully personalised desktops for each user, yet with all the security protection and simplicity of centralised management support.

Built on the market leading technology from our partners such as VMware, IBM and Cisco Systems, Eastra Solutions Ltd services can effectively deliver desktops from a single integrated platform.

The benefits that our VDI solutions can bring to your organisation include:

  • A highly responsive and readily available working environment to your end users.
  • Unlimited desktop services on demand to quickly meet changing business needs
  • Proactive protection against both planned and unplanned downtime
  • Increased control of desktops, applications and data by delivering and managing them as a centralised service.

Our integrated, powerful support and administrative approach provides transparent oversight of all your desktop management services while enabling the automation of previously cumbersome tasks like provisioning, updates and patches to be completed with just a few clicks of a mouse