Kimisitu Sacco Ltd awards Eastra Solution Ltd tender to supply, commission and Maintain its network security and storage system.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) Chooses Eastra Solutions to manage non-aeronautical operations
29th July 2016
Unaitas Sacco Ltd selects Eastra Solutions Ltd to Supply, Install and Commission Active elements for the Unaitas Data Centre
8th October 2018

Kimisitu Sacco was formed in March 1985 by a group of Staff from ICRAF. The society was formed mainly to promote thrift among its members by affording them an opportunity for accumulating their savings; and to thereby create a source of funds from which loans can be made to them exclusively for provident and productive purposes, at fair and reasonable rates of interest; thereby enabling them to use and control their money for their mutual benefit. The society has enjoyed tremendous success such that as at 31st December 2015 it had over 400 member organizations and over 7,000 individual members.

In line with the project’s scope, Eastra Solutions Ltd successfully managed to propose and implement a Network Access Control solution (Cisco ISE), Internet Edge Firewall (Cisco ASA) as well as Centralized storage and compute System (NetApp and VMware).