Professional Services

Professional Services

We believe in knowing your business before we begin to think how technology can help. Our specialists will work with you to shape the hand-to-glove solution that transforms your business and gives it the leading edge. Focused on the convergence of innovative business process with a fully integrated set of enabling technologies, our consulting services identify business value that transcends mere ‘Return on Investment’ in technology and creates a practical plan to unleash the true potential of a business. Eastra Solutions Ltd’s CONSULT services can help you determine your strategic path for IT success.

We offer:

Business Service Management

Risk Management

Technology Assessment and validation & sourcing

Business Architecture Review

Building and realizing a compelling business case

Business Service Management

IT organizations must have a clear Business Services Management (BSM) strategy to align the goals of IT and the business. Clear visibility into critical systems, along with effective monitoring, reporting, and managing, is essential for ensuring that your IT tools and resources are aligned with business outcomes. Eastra analytical expertise provides this visibility. We help you develop a roadmap to successfully link your technology processes and services directly to business outcomes, and mitigate business risks associated with IT projects. Your IT becomes a business-within-the–business, resulting in lower cost of ownership for repeatable, cost-effective services.

Our Business Service Management (BSM) experts provide a thorough understanding of IT service management concepts and can help you understand how healthy performance and availability of IT resources will positively impact the systems, applications, processes, and services that your business depends on.

Our solutions are integrated to handle configurations management, monitoring, and ITIL process management, coupled with a federated configuration management database (CMDB) to create service-dependent mapping and real-time, role-based views.

Our Business Systems Management services include:

Network Management

Business Availability


Service Management

Change & Configuration

Project & Portfolio Management

Manage Risk

Managing risk is an enterprise-wide issue, encompassing every aspect of your IT infrastructure. A strong program to manage risk gives you peace of mind that your business will stay up and running no matter what. From disaster preparedness to data privacy, Eastra solutions works with you to identify vulnerabilities, minimize exposure, and prepare for any contingency. We’ll help you to create an information security and security training and education program, as well as a business continuity/disaster recovery agenda, with an eye toward compliance, auditability, recovery objectives, and partner assurance. We apply industry standards and frameworks to help you assess how your risk profile looks today, where it should progress to tomorrow, and what steps you can take to get there.

Our comprehensive advisory services and top-tier technology solutions help you to ensure that essential business applications remain highly secure and available, and that compliance requirements are fulfilled to the highest standard through data protection, practical access controls, and certified processes. We’ll also help you source and enhance your IT infrastructure, bringing the right solutions in the door for you organization.

Source & Manage Technology

The way you source and manage that technology has major implications for your ability to manage cost and reduce risk. Eastra Solutions offers you choice, partner with most Major manufacturers. We also offer you the knowledge of which technologies are appropriate for your environment and your needs. We procure the most appropriate technology in an intelligent way, helping you manage cost and risk over its lifecycle. We help you make smart decisions for the long-term, choosing the best from mature and emerging technologies, capturing maintenance and warranty information upfront, and offering a wide variety of financial alternatives that will make ongoing management and disposal at the end of the lifecycle easier.

Our services to help you source and manage technology include:

Hardware Portfolio Management

Maintenance Portfolio Management

Leasing & Financial Services

Technology Selection & Sourcing