Security Management

Security Infrastructure

Our information security advisory experts and security education and training organization will help you develop a secure environment. And, we’ll help you select the right technologies to enable a secure infrastructure that protects your network, applications, and stored data. We address security issues from compliance and governance perspective while incorporating new technology initiatives. Our security solutions are strategically selected from a market place filled with unprecedented choice.

Let Eastra help you:

Map business and security objectives to the technologies that support them

Create a security architecture that is scalable and flexible to meet evolving IT requirements

Bridge the gap between expected ROI and the requirements of IT throughout the information security process

Ensure that your security solutions are well integrated with other elements of your network and infrastructure

Give your team award-winning training in operating and managing your secure environment


To satisfy audit and compliance requirements for security and minimize the costs and consequences of security breaches an organizations must create an effective information security program that manages risk in a continuous lifecycle. Eastra Solutions will helps you develop a security strategy that identifies security requirements and technical vulnerabilities, documents policies and standards, and is aligned with industry and compliance mandates.

Our compliance offering will include:

Risk Management & Evaluation

Regulatory Compliance

Information Security Policy

Information Security Strategy

Security Technology Assessment

Security Training & Education