Services Management

IT Service Management

IT is increasingly integral to overall business success. Technology can deliver a competitive advantage when it’s properly aligned with business outcomes. Optimal IT service management (ITSM), service availability, incident resolution, IT management, service desk support and other processes is essential to providing that alignment. ITSM solutions from Eastra Solutions help you establish clear baselines for measuring performance and determine if you are meeting your business requirements.

Our comprehensive methodology includes:

Assessing the overall maturity of your ITSM program

Developing an ITSM strategy roadmap

Implementing IT Infrastructure

Library® (ITIL) best practices

Validating current processes

Whether your organization already employs ITIL or is just beginning an ITSM strategy, Eastra Solutions can provide valuable insight and support. Our ITSM experts provide a thorough understanding of IT service management concepts and ITIL processes. By evaluating your enterprise, delivering insights, and deploying tools, Eastra’s comprehensive approach maximizes the impact of your IT service delivery and support processes.

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is a way for companies to pass the day-to-day running of their IT business processes to third-parties. Although not uniquely a technology concept, outsourcing IT has become a key consideration for all IT directors. Most business processes rely heavily on technology, thus IT outsourcing has become popular. Companies have identified the capital, time and space-savings associated with reductions in staff, training, equipment and work environments as advantages of outsourcing IT. The avoidance of expensive recruitment activities, and all the costs associated with permanent staff, meant IT outsourcing is seen as a cost cutting measure. However, businesses are now viewing outsourced IT as an opportunity to create new business through improved performance such as better customer relationships.

Eastra Solutions has highly trained engineers and consultants with expertise in particular technologies and business processes. We protect you from investing heavily in the recruitment of qualified staff as well as the training of existing workers. We also addresses the problem of skills shortages which regularly slows the delivery of IT projects.